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I really don't like to label what I do, what I am or who I am. To you, hopefully, I
am a creator of some perspectives to enjoy in some way or another. To me,
this startet as a way of therapy to cope with stress build up by a lifetime of not
being my true self, to get by in life as everybody else does. A few well meant
diagnoses later, which I hated but ended up accepting and acknowledging, I
am now doing what I like, drawing out my emotions and perspectives on life
in a cynical world. My hope is to bring inspiration, thoughts, philosophy or
simply just color and shape into as many peoples lives as possible, to make
something, someone, somewhere enjoy the posterformats I put out there.
The way I do it, is a combination of hand drawing as I did as a child, graphic
coloring tools because my mind races too much to color by hand and the
thoughts behind af an eighty year-old confused "child". When necessary due
to graphic requirements, I like to add small details to my drawings, to show off
and make imperfections perfect and welcome. The printing is done on
professional equipment and "Fine Art Radiant Freja - 265 gram" matte fine art
photo paper.

Every poster-series is limited editions and each individual poster is signed
and numbered by hand, which in some countries means tax-deductible to
companies. So boost moral at the office with colors and relief yourself some
pain of taxation, while helping me getting relief from the all the stress.
I love to do special edition works, such as my SelfPORNtrait-series, b2b
series or larger scale posters and will not exclude the possibility to do

commissioned posterdesigns if the opportunity arises, or maybe even vector-
files for digital use. On these regards, please contact me!

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